Pack Planner


Pack planner is an app that allows you to keep track of all your backpacking gear, plan hikes, and ensure you have packed everything you set out to.

As a backpacker, I am always planning on making my next hike more efficient. I have a list of all my gear, plan each hike carefully. I want to know what my base weight is, what is my consumable weight and what I am wearing on me.

On the day of the hike, I want to make sure I have packed everything I have set to pack.

This app allows you to enumerate all your gear, plan your hike and make sure you are carrying all the gear you planned to.

Getting Started

A quick 5 minute walk through of the features of the app.

Step by step

Primary tabs

When you first launch the app, there is no data in it. You should see a screen like this.

The Gear tab contains the inventory of all your gear. This is where you build your inventory.

The Hikes tab contains the hikes you are planning. You can choose one or more gear from the gear inventory and add them to your hike.

Gears from your inventory can belong to more than one hike.

Adding new GEAR

In the Gear tab, if you press the "+" button on the top right, you can add new gear.

You can add one more gear through this screen.

Deleting gear

If you right swipe on a row, you can delete gear. If you delete a gear, it will be removed from all the hikes that it is part of.

Copying gear

If you have multiple gear similar to each other, you can left swipe and copy one. You can then select one of the gears to edit its name.


Using the search button on top, you can quickly narrow down what you are looking for

creating hikes

Clicking the "+" button on the top right of the hikes tab allows you to add hikes. You can enter information about the hike in the form below.

After you are done with the hike, you can mark it as completed and fill in additional information. You can add your AllTrails URL, Garmin URL etc for future reference.

When you hit save, a new hike is created and you are taken to a page where you can select from your gear inventory to add to the hike.

adding more gear

After you have created your hike, if you want to add more gear, select the "+" icon in the hike detail page (the red plus in the white box on top).

This will take you to a screen where you can choose from gear that is not already added to your hike.

Consumable & Worn

You can mark your gear as Consumable or Worn. For instance, if you are tracking the hiking shirt you wear, mark it as worn.

Water and food, things that are consumed, mark them as consumables.

If an item is already marked as consumable or worn, you can revert that as well when you right swipe.


On the day of the hike, if you want to make sure you have taken all the items you have planned, you can right swipe and mark the item as "Verified".

When you mark a gear as verified or worn or consumable, the icon changes to indicate the update.


If you have more than one unit of a gear, you can update the quantity in the detail popup. If you touch a gear without swiping in the hike detail page, you can update its quantity.


The hike detail page tells you the total weight of your pack at all times. But the report icon (top row) gives you more information.

Base weight is your total weight except anything that is worn or consumable. This is your fixed weight.

Worn weight is what you wear on your body.

Consumable weight is food and water, that you consume daily.


If you hit the "Settings" button in either the hikes page or the gear page, it brings up the settings dialog. This allows you to choose between Imperial or Metrics (grams).

Copy or Export hike

Lastly, you can copy or export your hike from the hikes page. Copy will duplicate the hike (like the gear page), so you can setup master copies of your hikes and copy them over repeatedly.

Export will allow you to export your hike in CSV format and share it.