Modifications to Osprey Atmos 65 AG

I like the Osprey Atmos 65 AG. It is a bit on the heavy side, but for a newbie backpacker, the comfort it offers is fantastic. The "Anti Gravity" system does seem to work. Often, it takes me about a mile to dial in the adjustments exactly the way I need it and when I do, the bag appears to float on your back.

There are of course, a few things that can be done to make your experience better. I read in an online forum that the folks at can made modifications to your backpacks to make them better (or to repair them). They are located in Bend Oregon, so you need to ship the bags back and forth to them, so that adds to the expense.

I did a few modifications to the bag which have made the bags better.

A good review of Osprey backpacks can be found at OutdoorCrunch.

Peak Design Capture Clip webbing

The peak design capture clip is a very nice clip to hang your camera and lens to your backpack shoulder. Unfortunately, Peak Design designed it for their less than optimal peak design everyday backpack and it is impossible to mount the clip in the shoulder strap of the Osprey since the strap is too thick and too wide.

I conversed back and forth with the folks at gear fix a few times and come up with the webbing solution. The other option is to cut the outer coating of the shoulder strap itself and sew it in, but you are limited by where you can do that and you damage the strap. The webbing gear fix came up with is just the right size, located perfectly (you need to work with them on that) and works fine. I added the strap on both the shoulder straps, so I can switch the camera between the straps.

Water pouches

The water pouches that are found on the side of the Osprey are impossibly small to fit in anything more than a nalgene bottle. It can be expanded quite easily. Gear fix expanded both the water pouches.

Extra loop under the brain

Often people carry their tent or something else under the brain and above the main body of the backpack. There is nothing that can hold that tent in place and you are dependent on the brain to keep it in place. Gearfix added a loop so you can safely carry something under the brain.

It cost me about $80 for these upgrades, but remember S&H is extra. I had the camera clip straps added to my Osprey Stratos 24 daypack as well, so I was able to ship both bags together.

I am very pleased how well these mods have turned out for me. I highly recommend GearFix for things like this.