Hike Day 5

Kern hot springs to Wallace Creek

Garmin map, days 5 and 6

The bath in Kern hot springs on night 4 gave me a really good sleep. We woke up on day 5 and started our northward hike towards Junction Meadow. We were fully aware that after 7-8 miles of moderate climb, we are in for a brutal last 3 miles to Wallace creek.

We started before sunrise and walked along Kern river at sunrise.

There were a few creek crossings along the way, some were dicey, but nothing was as precarious as rock creek and whitney creek.

We had lunch at Junction meadow and started the steep 800 feet 1 mile climb. If you look westwards, you can see Kaweah gap that you crossed two days ago.

It is a steep climb up this mountain, once you reach somewhere near the summit, the trail turns 90 degrees due East towards Wallace creek. From that point on, the next 2 mile is a 30 deg incline of an escalator that does not move. You look back at Kern canyon that you just passed.

You are walking along Wallace Creek that is magnificent and multiple waterfalls en route.

Eventually arrived at Wallace creek, completely wiped out, but with just enough time left to rest and recover for day 6.